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Complex Business and Information Systems Engineering (BISE) research discipline workshop


The goal of the workshop is to identify potential joint research activities, questions and networks related to BISE research and identify potential and new higher education models for information intensive business informatics. The workshop would help participants to understand wider scientific (non-mathematical or ‐formal) philosophical foundations of BISE research and help to discover new research strategies and approaches. The workshop would result a new research projects and a task force to design a recommendations for CC2005 updates related to BISE.


The workshop would be a three (3) hour workshop with three (3 x 30 min each) invited keynote introductions or presentations to outline group discussions. The workshop would aim at consensus with three (3 x 20 min) world café discussions (WCD) each taking different views. The workshop would end in WCD expert summary briefing and panel summary by workshop facilitators. The facilitators would deliver a workshop summary report to all participants, EIT ICT Labs, and lead and coordinate a possible research program proposal to national and regional funding organizations.

Participants are requested to submit a short workshop paper 2 to 4 pages on the IEEE template. The papers should address following curriculums philosophies, standards, development, models, learning’s, learning outcomes, and industry collaboration from engineering-of-systems including human, organization and business perspectives on:

  • Business Informatics
  • Business and Information Systems Engineering
  • Software/Service Design and Engineering

Workshop is also considering few keynotes speakers based on abstracts two page abstracts on IEEE template from following topics:

  • Role of Informatics to Society, Industry and Education
  • Social and Business Systems Informatics
  • Relevant and Rigor Research Methods and Strategies
  • Empower scholars to change the CS and world today
  • Impact of BI, BISE and SDE on CC2005 and SSE (iSSEc)
  • International best practices in BI, BISE and SDE


Mika Helenius
Aalto University, Finland