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CBI 2014, 14-17 July, Geneva, Switzerland


The Conference

The IEEE Conference on Business Informatics (CBI) constitutes the next step in the evolution of the IEEE Conference on e-Commerce and Enterprise Computing (CEC). The first event under this new banner will take place in Vienna, Austria, July 15 – 18, 2013. The change in the name and scope of the conference is congruent to the renaming of the IEEE Technical Committee on e-Commerce to the IEEE Technical Committee on Business Informatics and Systems (TCBIS).


According to Nygaard, informatics is the science that has as its domain information processes and related phenomena in artifacts, society and nature. In the spirit of this definition, we consider business informatics as a scientific discipline targeting information processes and related phenomena in a socio-economical context, including companies, organizations, administrations and society in general. The IEEE Conference on Business Informatics seeks for methodological approaches to describe, explain, predict, and design information and communication models, architectures, and systems for the business environment. A key characteristic of business informatics research is that it considers a real-world business context in developing new theories and concepts that enable new practical applications. Thereby, business informatics research does not only extend the body of knowledge of the information society, but at the same time provides a tangible impact to industry. Or put it in other words – business informatics is research that matters!